21700/20700 Dual Battery Case

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21700/20700 Battery Case, is a carrying box for 18650 sized batteries. The 21700/20700  Battery Case will hold two 21700/20700 batteries. The case is composed of plastic and has a snap lock closure, to ensure that your case won’t accidentally open when you’re on the go. Having battery cases is not only great for storage, but it can prevent them from unwanted charges such as coins in your pocket, keys, or other objects that can discharge your batteries.


here are some tips to minimize the odds of a vent or discharge.


  1. Keep wraps intact
  2. Use the right batteries
  3. Use battery cases
  4. Watch out for counterfeits
  5. Don’t leave your batteries charging unattended
  6. Use a dedicated charger
  7. Don’t over-drain your batteries
  8. Avoid extreme temperatures
  9. Use married batteries
  10. Replace old batteries
  11. Recycle old batteries
  12. Always use a battery case
  13. NEVER have batteries loose in pockets or bags