Heisenberg by Kingston 100ml

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Heisenberg by Kingston 100ml

Heisenberg e-liquid by Kingston is a fresh fruity blend featuring a crisp texture. Fresh blueberries with a small dose of vanilla. Stunning taste and aroma. Full immersion in berry flavour. You can never get enough of this stuff! It’ll remind you of a fresh summer day with a fresh bowl of refreshing berries. Kingston have a wide variety range of flavours to meet every need you may desire. They have covered each major flavour to appeal specifically to you. Check below for the list of flavours if you want more! The range varies from sweets, fruits and even soda to appeal to your every mood.


  • 0MG Nicotine
  • 100ml Short-fill Bottle
  • Dr Pepper Taste
  • Category: Soda, Fizzy

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