Lemon Sherbet by Double Drip 50ml

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Lemon Sherbet by Double Drip 50ml Short Fill

Combine a liquid custard base with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Churn and freeze the mixture to create a refreshing lemon sherbet. Take a scoop of the sherbet and drop it into a glass of ice-cold seltzer water. If that sounds like a pretty amazing dessert cocktail to you, pick up a bottle of Lemon Sherbet by Double Drip right now!

Double Drip is the latest range of maximum VG E-Liquids from leading mixology experts, Vapour Labs. Boasting huge clouds and amazing flavour, the Double Drip range is slowly taking the world by storm. Not only is the line created and manufactured here in the UK, but it has also been specifically blended for cloud chasers, as well as those looking for high-quality and intense flavour.

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