Loaded Lemon Bar by Ruthless 120ml

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Loaded Lemon Bar by Ruthless 120ml

Loaded Lemon Bar by Ruthless 120ml

Light and refreshing lemon tang infused with sweet powdered sugar completed with freshly baked pie crust.

We are delighted to introduce the newest addition to the Loaded E-liquid range, Loaded Lemon Bar E liquid! It is a light and refreshing e liquid infused with a lemon tang and a hint of sweet icing sugar completed with a freshly baked pie crust.

Ruthless Vapor‘s Lemon Bar By Loaded E-Liquid has strong lemony notes, blended together with a smooth pie crust, that is then dusted with a fine coat of powdered sugar. With its tart and sugary lemon filling and its buttery, savory crust, the taste buds experience a journey of flavor notes that satisfy beyond words when vaping this dessert flavor.

The inhale instantly makes you salivate thanks to the tartness of the lemon. Then, the savory taste of the pie crust teases the front of your palate. The lemon taste becomes sweeter as the buttery notes of the crust develop. When you exhale, you will swear that you’re eating a homemade lemon bar.

Lemon Bar vape juice from Loaded E-Liquid arrives in massive bottle. Its 70/30 VG/OG base allows for large and thick clouds of vapor, as well as a solid throat hit.

When life hands you lemons, in this case, you make a sensational ‘lemon bar’ flavored delight.

Nicotine: 0mg

120ml E liquid

70% VG / 30% PG

Made in USA