Sweater Puppet by Humble E-Liquid 100ml

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Sweater Puppet by Humble E-Liquid  100ml Short Fill

While we’re not sure about the history behind the name, we do know that Sweater Puppets by Humble E-Liquid is one delicious vape juice. This tropical blend features the flavours of sweet cantaloupe and ripe honeydew along with a top note of slightly tart mango.

Born from the ethos that vaping should be made from nothing other than hard work and delicious flavours, for those who are hardworking and want a pure vaping experience, Humble comes from, well, humble beginnings and make sure their E-Liquids are for everyone to appreciate.

Whether you love fruit, custards or dessert flavoured E-Liquids, Humble E-Liquid offers a wide variety of flavours that are sure to impress your palette. More of a berry person? No problem. Enjoy the American sweetness of marshmallows and fruity pebble cereals? Humble has got you covered.

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