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Datt Shot Nicotine 18mg 10ML

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Datt Shot Nicotine 18mg 10ml

Introducing Datt Shot Nicotine 18mg 10ML, the perfect addition to your vaping arsenal, available at Datt Vape Distro for vape wholesale. These TPD compliant nicotine shots, crafted with USP grade nicotine, ensure a seamless transformation of any 0mg e-liquid into a satisfying 3mg or 6mg blend. Say goodbye to the common peppery aftertaste associated with other nicotine shots; Datt Shot Nicotine Shots promise a smooth and enhanced vaping experience. With an easy-to-use process, add one 10ml bottle per 50ml of your favourite e-liquid for 3mg or two bottles for 6mg. Simplify and elevate your vaping routine with Datt Shot Nicotine Shots – shot, shake, vape!



Smooth Nicotine Conversion: Crafted with USP grade nicotine for a seamless transition.

Enhanced Vaping Experience: Eliminates peppery aftertastes associated with other nicotine shots.

Versatile Usage: Easily convert any 0mg e-liquid into a satisfying 3mg or 6mg blend.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these shots TPD compliant?
Yes, this nicotine shot adheres to TPD standards, ensuring quality and compliance.

Can I use Datt Shot Nicotine Shots with any e-liquid brand?
Absolutely, these nicotine shots are designed for universal compatibility with any 0mg e-liquid.

Is Datt Vape Distro the best place for vape wholesale purchases?
Certainly, Datt Vape Distro is your premier destination for vape wholesale, offering premium products at unbeatable prices.