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    Gold Bar Vape Disposables 600 Puff ( Pack of 10 )

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    Gold Bar Vape Disposables 600 Puff ( Pack of 10 )

    Boost your range with the Gold Bar Vape Disposables 600 Puff, a premium disposable vape that boasts to provide your consumers with an amazing vaping experience. As a prominent wholesaler in the Vape Wholesale sector, we recognise the significance of delivering high-quality items that blend performance, quality, and price. The Gold Bar Vape is precisely constructed to satisfy the greatest standards, guaranteeing that your retail customers are completely delighted. Each device boasts a powerful 500mAh battery and comes pre-filled with 2ml of superb nic salt E-Liquid, ensuring about 600 puffs of pure ecstasy. Choose Gold Bar Vape Disposables 600 Puff for your company.


    Powerful Battery: A 500mAh battery provides your consumers with a steady and long-lasting vaping experience.

    Design: Each device is user-friendly and ready to vape right out of the box, with no setup or changes required.

    Rich Flavour Production: The integrated hyper mesh coil technology ensures a rich and powerful flavour from beginning to end.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I assure my customers of the product’s quality?

    You can confidently tell your clients that the Gold Bar Disposables 600 Puff has been subjected to stringent quality control checks to ensure maximum performance, safety, and flavour consistency. The device’s sturdy construction and long battery life prove to its outstanding quality.

    How does the Gold Bar Vape Disposables 600 Puff cater to different customer preferences?

    The Gold Bar Vape Disposables 600 Puff offers a wide range of client tastes with a wide assortment of 12 blended fruit and menthol-based flavours. Furthermore, the 20mg (2% nicotine dosage) appeals to both habitual vapers and those wanting to quit smoking.

    What measures are in place to ensure the authenticity of the Gold Bar Vape Disposables 600 Puff?

    Each Gold Bar Vape Disposables 600 Puff is labelled with a unique identification number that allows both merchants and buyers to check the product’s legitimacy on our official website. This assures that you stock and sell authentic items, therefore protecting your reputation and consumer confidence.

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