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Shilajit, a sticky substance found in the Himalayas, results from the slow decomposition of plants over centuries. It is rich in fulvic acid and contains over 84 minerals, offering a range of health benefits.

Benefits for Women

Weight Management

Shilajit may aid in weight loss, which is a key concern for many. A study with 66 obese patients showed significant reductions in body weight and BMI, suggesting its potential in weight management strategies.

Iron Deficiency and Anaemia

Common among menstruating women, iron deficiency and anaemia can be combated with shilajit, rich in iron and fulvic acid. It enhances the absorption of iron, making it effective against these issues.

Reproductive Health and Menopause

Shilajit supports bone health, which is crucial during menopause when oestrogen levels drop. A study noted significant improvements in bone mineral density in postmenopausal women with osteopenia.

Skin Health and Collagen Production

Shilajit enhances collagen production, which is vital for skin elasticity. Clinical trials showed improvements in collagen synthesis and increased skin microcirculation.

Muscle Strength and Wound Healing

Shilajit can enhance muscle strength and aid wound healing. Studies found it reduces muscle weakness and wound-related inflammation.

Benefits for Men

Testosterone Levels and Overall Vitality

Shilajit can boost testosterone levels, which is crucial for various health aspects. A study found significant increases in testosterone levels in men aged 45-55.


Shilajit has been shown to improve sperm count and fertility. A trial with infertile men noted increased sperm counts and enhanced testosterone levels.

Exercise Performance

Shilajit enhances exercise performance. In a study, men taking high-dose shilajit showed lower fatigue and higher strength levels during exercise.

Heart Health

Shilajit supports heart health. A trial found reductions in triglycerides and LDL cholesterol and increased HDL cholesterol, indicating cardiovascular benefits.

Safety and Side Effects of Shilajit

Considerations for Long-Term Use

While shilajit has been used traditionally, its long-term effects lack comprehensive scientific research. Early findings suggest a generally safe profile, but potential side effects include lowered blood pressure, allergic reactions, gastrointestinal discomfort, and elevated uric acid levels​​.

Special Precautions

Individuals with gout, high iron levels, and pregnant and lactating women are advised to avoid shilajit. It’s essential to source shilajit from trusted providers due to concerns about heavy metals and fungi​​​​.

Dosage Guidelines

The optimal shilajit dosage starts with a grain of rice-sized piece (~100 mg) once per day, gradually increasing to a large pea size (~300 mg). Factors like body size, BMI, health, metabolism, and desired benefits affect the dosage. Undesired effects like difficulty sleeping or digestive discomfort indicate the need to adjust the dosage. Consultation with healthcare professionals is recommended for personalised guidance​​​​.

Balancing the Benefits

Women’s Health Focus

Weight Management: Shilajit’s potential in aiding weight loss can be especially beneficial for women, who are slightly more affected by obesity. Its ability to improve metabolism and appetite regulation plays a significant role in this benefit.

Iron Deficiency and Anaemia: The high iron content in shilajit addresses a common issue among menstruating women, enhancing iron absorption and combating anaemia.

Menopausal Support: Shilajit helps in managing symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and mood swings, by balancing hormone levels and reducing inflammation.

Skin and Beauty: By boosting collagen production, shilajit can significantly contribute to skin health, making it a natural supplement for anti-aging skincare.

Men’s Health Focus

Vitality and Testosterone: The increase in testosterone levels is crucial for men’s health, affecting mood, energy, muscle mass, and sexual function. Shilajit’s role in boosting testosterone can therefore have a broad impact on men’s overall well-being.

Fertility Enhancement: Improving sperm count and fertility is particularly relevant given the high percentage of infertility cases due to male factors.

Exercise and Athletic Performance: Shilajit’s ability to enhance exercise performance caters to the need for maintaining physical fitness in men, especially as they age.

Cardiovascular Health: Men, being more prone to heart disease, can benefit from Shilajit’s ability to improve lipid profiles and heart function.

Shilajit presents a range of benefits for both women and men, addressing specific health concerns relevant to each gender. While it offers the potential to manage weight, improve reproductive health, and enhance skin and muscle strength for women, it similarly boosts testosterone levels, fertility, exercise performance, and cardiovascular health in men. However, it’s crucial to consider the safety aspects, such as potential side effects, long-term usage concerns, and appropriate dosage. Consulting with healthcare professionals and sourcing high-quality shilajit are essential steps to ensure its safe and effective use. As research continues to evolve, shilajit remains a promising natural supplement for enhancing overall well-being in both women and men.

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